The application of ICT in water management has evolved rapidly. As a result, open water data can now be accessed using smartphones. And, open source geographic information and software can be freely downloaded and used. This type of open access water information is key for optimal water management. The promise of ICT enabling open access is clear. ICT can stimulate broad engagement of society in transparent and equitable decision making on water allocation, and help the implementation of water policy.

The issue:

The fast pace in ICT development has resulted in large quantities of water-related data and information as well as many different (web)applications relevant for water management. While this is a great development, non-expert stakeholders often find it difficult locating, understanding and tailoring data and information to their own specific situation and needs.

How we work:

GSI has a unique combination of skills in water, data management and analysis, stakeholder understanding and ICT. Using these skills, we help our customers to understand which data, information and ICT tools are required to understand their water situation. We help locate and structure the relevant data into meaningful (easy-to-grasp) and action-oriented watershed information. For this we use the WaterData4Action framework.  We provide access to the information for stakeholders through our online watershed information system.

Example projects: