Work in the field of water, development, agriculture and environment is always directed to changing a current situation towards a new improved situation. The activities that are carried out to create this change are generally organised in the form of projects, with specific objectives and outcomes. To define and design, steer, administer and implement, monitor and evaluate projects is project management.

The issue:

Managing projects well is often a complex task in which content and organisation need to move together effectively. Many environment, water and development organisations are driven by content; for example, to increase irrigation efficiency or to improve environmental management or water allocation. As a result, capacity on project management is often a limiting factor in succesful project implementation.

How we work:

We provide our customers with dedicated support during all phases of the project cycle with leadership, professionalism, conviction and realism as our strong assets. GSI has over 20 years of experience in moving ideas to reality in many parts of the world. We have done this through projects that we either initiate ourselves or that we design, supervise, administer, implement, monitor and/or evaluate for customers.

Example projects: