Agriculture uses on average 70% of the water that is abstracted globally. Often agricultural water use competes heavily with other water users in the energy, industrial and urban water consumption sectors. Efficient and sustainable use of water by agriculture is not a luxury anymore, nowadays it has become an economic as much as a social and environmental necessity to sustain the sector.

The issue:

Agri-water management is about (agricultural) practices on the farm and in the field that influence water consumption and pollution. It is about soil, manure and fertiliser management as well as crop selection, husbandry and irrigation. And, it is about the relation between farming and other water users in the catchment.

How we work:

We provide our customers with clarity on the water situation, in terms of risks and opportunities, on their farms and in their fields. We help formulate key interventions that improve efficient water use as well as increase productivity. And, we help farmers to place farming in the context of the catchment and provide a course of action to engage meaningfully in catchment water management.

Example projects: