Why use Water Canvases?

  • To structure and simplify water information and knowledge for stakeholder engagement and collaboration
  • To easily engage a wide variety of stakeholders and guide them for collaborative water work, in your value chain and/or catchment
  • To design and generate true collective water stewardship action

Can I use Water Canvases myself?

Yes, you can after you receive a training from us and payment of a small fee for the use of the Water Canvases. If you do not want to use the Water Canvases by yourself, we offer our support.

What are Water Canvases?

Water Canvases are water interaction and collaboration tools, they provide a clean structure that brings clarity and help keeping attention focused towards concrete outcomes and actions.

Water canvases are inspired by the design approach. They are sheets of paper clearly focused to address a specific topic to provide clear outcomes. The papers have clean graphics with a lot of open space for scribbling and drawing. Water Canvases drive the structuring and simplification of information and at the same time trigger creativity.

 Right now there are more then 30 water canvases and more are developing while they are being used in various water related projects.

Where are Water Canvases used?

  • Designing collective water stewardship action in Spain
  • Water Canvases for decision support in Colombia
  • River basin visioning and strategy for the Rio Bravo, Mexico
  • Specific tailored trainings or action-oriented water workshops with companies and other interested parties


The Design a Better Business Book inspired us to develop the Water Canvases.