Why use the online Watershed Information System?

  • To easily support collective action for improved water management in watersheds

  • To systematically visualise watershed maps and organisation of a wide variety of other watershed information in one website

  • To provide access to watershed information to all stakeholders concerned for collaborative water work

  • To simplify AWS water stewardship implementation by providing access to key information to comply with catchment level indicators in the AWS standard

  • to provide foundational information for water management to all stakeholders

 Can I use WIS myself?

Yes, WIS is available through the internet and can be managed by you through an easy to use web interface. take a look at the example here: https://watersheds.pythonanywhere.com. If you want to use WIS, please contact us so that we can provide you If with a brief training and access to the tool for a small license and hosting fee.

What is WIS?

 The WIS is a simple and easy to use web app that helps you to organise, store and provide access to systematic information on watersheds. It aims to provide a level information playing field between stakeholders so that more informed and constructive discussions can take place to enable collective water action.

Where is WIS used?

  •  Zona Bananera, Colombia
  •  Guadalquivir, Spain
  •  Boise, USA
  •  Huila, Colombia
  •  Iwala, South Africa

Who uses WIS?

  •  MARS
  •  EDEKA