Why use a Farm Water Passport©?

  • To summarize key aspects about the farm, its water use and its relation with the catchment context.
  • To understand and use local water language, farm information, local catchment maps and datasets.
  • To contextualize and validate Water Risks and identify shared water challenges.
  • To understand the geographic context beyond the farm fence, and the interrelations between farm and catchment.
  • To understand water stewardship opportunities from the farmer perspective.
  • To identify and map local stakeholders to address shared challenges through collective actions.
  • To communicate strategic messages between growers, sustainability and commercial departments in your company.
  • To empower growers when involving stakeholders and value chain partners around the catchment discussion.
  • To visualize how ongoing actions can facilitate Water Stewardship or sustainability standards compliance.
  • To trigger ideas for next steps towards a more resilient and sustainable farm and catchment.


 Can I use a Farm Water Passport myself?

Yes, you can use it yourself. We offer the expertise to gather and structure informations, and create the logic to connect the farm with the catchment reality. To do that, it is key to work in a collaborative way with the client to exchange farm information (locations, water sources...). Then, our expertise is used to link the farm information with the catchment context. Catchment data, reports or maps are publicly available, but it requires deep water expertise to produce the water intelligence that provides the strategic and actionable edge. You can use it to better understand the context of a farm, or a group of farms in a key productive area for your company, create capacity accross the value chain or communicate internally with procurement colleagues, and complement extended information from the Catchment passport. It can also serve as a starting point to gather and comply with information requested by sustainability standards like Global GAP, SPRING or Alliance for Water Stewardship - AWS Standard.


What is a Farm Water Passport©?

A Farm Water Passport is a short and concise document (Usually 2 sheets) that includes maps, key information on different aspects, using a geographic approach and farm/catchment specific info on local dynamics of water. It condenses available data and maps on the catchment water sources, infrastructures and ecosystems. It details info on risks, stakeholders and shared challenges, and identifies opportunities to manage risks and foster collective action to address common challenges.


Who uses the Farm Water Passport approach?


Citrus farms supplying EDEKA in the frame of the WWF/EDEKA Zitrus project in Spain

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