Good Stuff International (GSI) is a global company that supports people and organisations to become sustainable water users.

We provide our clients with:

  • experts and teams for the implementation of projects on sustainable water use
  • capacity, training, knowledge to shape water management abilities, strategies and action
  • indepth data and information on the specifics of the water situation, water risks, and opportunities
  • support for strategic and implementable action planning to work towards sustainable water use

GSI has a societal mission: ¨to explore and promote ways for people to live the best possible life on Earth while caring for the natural environment and other people.” 

GSI was founded in October 2007 in the Netherlands, shortly thereafter, Good Stuff Africa International Limited was established in Kenya. In 2012, GSI Switzerland arose, and GSI Latin America and the Caribbean was established in 2014 in Colombia at the same time as GSI Spain. GSI has a core team of six driven people working together towards the mission across three continents.


Over the years, GSI has created and invested in three sustainable businesses or nature people business as we call it, the SWARK research and education centre in Nairobi, the pastoralist livestock herding in Galana and beekeeping in the Netherlands.