In 2013, Good Stuff International was contracted by the Government of Kenya to develop an irrigation master plan for the Kenyan part of Daua river. In the process of developing the Irrigation master plan, we have worked closely with local stakeholders and used state of the art GIS, remote sensing and hydrological modelling technologies and expertise of local and international experts from The Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States.

We founded the Masterplan on an ecosystem approach to the water resources of Daua river and the irrigation development in the arid region of North East Kenya. The Masterplan is such that it provides local people in Daua catchment with better and sustainable access to water for cultivation and livestock and next to that it caters to environmental issues. The plan was delivered to NIB in May 2014. Subsequently we supported the Kenya government in the tripartite discussion between Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia on the management and development of the Daua water resources.