The government of Colombia is the first national government to publish a complete multi-sectoral water footprint assessment of all watersheds in its territory. IDEAM - the Colombian Hydrological and Meteorological Institute - publishes the water footprint assessment for all 316 watersheds in Colombia as an integral part of the National Water Study 2014. With the publication, Colombia has taken a global leadership role and a major step forwards towards better understanding the sustainability of the use of the country's water resources. 

The study presents the results of the green and blue water footprints of four economic sectors, agriculture, domestic, industry and energy and oil and also presents the environmental sustainability of the water footprints at the level of each of the 316 watersheds. The study was realised by a partnership of the Embassy of Switzerland - Agency of Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Good Stuff International Latin America (GSI-LAC) and the Caribbean and Centro of Science and Techology of  Antioquia –CTA. 

Dowload the publication here in Spanish (an English summary is included).

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