On World Environment Day, the BioCuenca Alliance is launched in Cucutá, Colombia. BioCuenca seeks to generate a collective action platform directed at the environmental conservation of the catchments of the rivers Zulia and Pamplonita in Northern Santander, Colombia.

The launching event takes place in the presence of the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Dr. Gabriel Vallejo López and representatives of the entitities that support and engage in the sustainability of water in the two catchments.

During the event, the Agreement to create the Alianza BioCuenca will be signed by the institutions that actively participate in the initiative: EIS Cúcuta (Water Supply and Sanitation company of Cúcuta), Corponor (Regional Autonomous Corporation ot the North East Border region), the Mayor´s office of Cúcuta, the Government of North Santander, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Bavaria S.A., GIZ (German Development Cooperation) and the Chamber of Commerce of Cúcuta.

The BioCuenca Alliance commits strategic resources of public and private actors to the conservation of vital ecosystems for the production of water through green investment that promote the environmental sustainability of the social and economic development in the catchments of the rivers Zulia and Pamplonita that are:

  • Fundamental for the development of the region
  • Supply water to about 1 million people
  • Fed by water originating from one of the most strategic, emblematic and threatened ecosytems in Colombia, the Páramo de Santurbán. The Páramo de Santurbán produces and stores water for more then 2 million persons in two departments.

The design and operationalisation of the Alianza BioCuenca is fully supported by Good Stuff International LAC under a contract with GIZ and Bavaria.