Catchment management, watershed management, integrated river basin management, sustainable water management and ecosystem based water management. All these water management approaches are nowadays very common in water legislation, policy and institutions around the world.

The issue: 

From a hydrological and policy point of view it is logical and most effective to manage water at the catchment level. But when operationalised, the integrated water management approach often brings with it complexities that lead to challenges in the implementation of activity for sustainable water use. 

How we work:

We increase the capacity of stakeholders so that they understand what catchment management is and how they might engage in it. We help them to understand their own catchment and water use better, and to work towards sustainable catchment management together with other stakeholders. Besides, we help organise catchment level multistakeholder processes so that stakeholders can define and decide the course of action required in the move towards sustainable water management.

Example projects: