Client: US Forest Service

Objective of the Assignment: to provide technical advisory on the application of the Water Footprint Assessment (WFA) for the Tenmile river basin in Monatan, USA; on methodology, data inputs and interpretation of results. The ultimate objective is to use the WFA results to assess the vulnerability of Tenmile, in view of increased use of blue water in the watershed and the relevance of preserving the forest ecosystems that provide water to the dwellers of the city of Helena. 

How we did it: We provided close detailed support in the calculation of water footprints and its sustainability assessment using and adapting existing data, as well as results from the hydrological model used by the US Forest Service. The challenge here was about organizing the large amounts of data into the framework of the WFA and the larger picture of the water cycle in this watershed, in order to assess the vulnerability of the watershed and to identify potential response measures.

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