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Visit to Doñana National Park and Stakeholder Workshop is a success!

On January 23rd and 24th, as part of the WRAP Collective Action Project in Southern Spain, we delved into the Doñana Natural space, understanding its nuances and ties to international value chains, paving the way for future Collective Actions.

Joined by representatives from 14+ global food companies and retailers, we explored berry production areas and ecosystems, gaining insights into the delicate balance between agriculture and nature amid water scarcity and climate change challenges. Our journey continued with a visit to the Doñana National Park, where we got a firsthand understanding of the complexities of this unique ecosystem.

The following day we hosted the 1st local Multi-stakeholder Workshop in El Rocío, engaging producers, water managers, experts, international food companies/retailers, and NGOs. The workshop introduced the project to local actors while offering international partners valuable insights from the expertise of specialists in biodiversity and hydrogeology.

Together, we initiated a local platform to identify collective action opportunities to address diverse challenges. Recognizing the shared responsibilities of both local actors and international value chain partners, we underscore the need for collaborative efforts in finding sustainable solutions for the area.

Special thanks to everyone who participated in the visit and workshop, with a sincere appreciation to those who traveled from abroad to join us!.

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