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Good Stuff International is a global company of experts that support people and organisations in sustainable water use, ecosystem restoration and biodiversity protection.

Privacy @ Good Stuff International

At GSI we take your privacy very seriously. Now that the EU GDPR is in effect we have revisited our internal policies and processes.

Although we do not require one we have assigned a data protection officer to handle the compliance with the EU GDPR. We have informed our staff and assessed the personal data that we collect, store and use.

GSI's Personal Data Protection policy statement:

We fully respect people's privacy as that aligns with the GSI mission: "to explore and promote ways for people to live the best possible life on Earth while caring for the natural environment and other people."

In our work, Good Stuff International BV and its affiliates in Spain, Switzerland, Colombia and Kenya does need to collect, store and use personal data to enable us to provide our services and work towards the GSI mission.

We never collect any personal data that we do not require. For example if you want to receive a newsletter, you only need to provide a name and email address. Also if you register to use one of our tools you can do so using a mock name and email address only if you want.

Personal data that we store, we do not share with anybody beyond the GSI team. If we work with subcontractors in assignments we only share personal data that a subcontractor requires to execute the work. For example if a subcontractor needs to contact someone we do not share more then the name, company, email and phone.

You have the right to be forgotten. We delete all personal data that has not been used for two years.

Personal data is secure with GSI, we endeavor to store as little personal data on mobile systems and in the cloud. It is our policy to not collect and store sensitive personal data (on personal preferences, etc). The most detailed data that we use are for legal and administrative purposes in the company realted to the assignments and projects we do. Personal data are stored behind strong passwords, offline harddisks and also on encrypted storage media.

If you wish, our Data Protection Officer (DPO) will help you to gain full access to your personal data and will help you to correct, remove and port personal data. Also if you want to withdraw your given consent and have your personal data removed or file a complaint, please send a message to the DPO at the dedicated email address: We will work hard to fulfill your request within two weeks.

We will revisit this policy and the internal processes and systems that we have in place annually and communicate changes on here.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how we might improve our policy please let us know on