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Collective Action for Water Stewardshipin Southern Spain

Good Stuff International is working with partners on Collective Action to increase the resilience in selected hotspot agricultural areas in Southern Spain while protecting and restoring the Doñana National Park and Mar Menor, both Ramsar sites.

The Water Stewardship Programme, launched by the British NGO WRAP and now also supported by IDH-SIFAV, channels the interest of a group of international companies, mostly supermarkets and agricultural value chains, in promoting collective action to encourage sustainable water use in the main agricultural production areas of their supply chains.

In 2022, we started to work for WRAP and their UK retailers' business supporters that source fresh produce from the Doñana region, to plan and implement collective action. We also started exploring opportunities in Mar Menor. We have created an information repository in the shape of a story map where information about the water and environmental situation of the Doñana Natural Park is collected and displayed. The story map is available in English and Spanish. A repository for Mar Menor will come soon.

The programme brings together businesses, growers, and other relevant stakeholders to engage in collective action at the catchment or river basin level. The programme aims at:
  • Improving understanding of water risks and diagnosing action needed at a macro and local level
  • Supporting collective water stewardship action in several specific priority locations to improve the water situation
  • Strengthening certification standards
  • Advocating for better water governance.
The Collective Action Project for Doñana kicked off in 2023 and is implementing a Water Stewardship Plan until 2026. A Water Stewardship Plan for Mar Menor has also been developed and we will start the implementation in June 2024. Both Water Stewardship Plans have four main objectives:
  • Drive water stewardship practice;
  • Improve legality of water use;
  • Decrease water scarcity and quality risk, and improve water resilience of farmers and value chains;
  • Improve the state of groundwater bodies and ecosystem condition.
Please get in touch with us if you'd like to know more about the initiative and how to join!