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Zitrus Collective Actionin Spain

In 2017, we started our work in the Guadalquivir basin with the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) and applied the AWS standard to a citrus farm, which became the first AWS-certified agricultural site in Europe. From then, we started work directly with the German supermarket EDEKA in the Zitrus project coordinating and implementing Water Stewardship and collective action activities to achieve the project goal of promoting a more sustainable water use at the catchment level.

We carry out water risk assessments and strategic farm water assessments. We support farms in their water stewardship activities and co-design and coordinate collective action activities with citrus suppliers to the German supermarket EDEKA in the frame of the WWF-EDEKA Zitrus project. The project addresses around 30 farms in the Guadalquivir, TOP, Jucar, and Ebro basins.